Embedded Access Control and Biometrics


Kaba’s Embedded Access Control and Biometric products deliver a new way to practice access control management. An embedded access control application on the controller eliminates the need for software or servers, providing a web-based physical access control system (PACS) that is simple to install and use right out of the box. And, an auxiliary .NET application allows for multiple-site configuration and third-party integration for cameras, video, visitor/ID management and more.

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AX.S Series


Access Manager 524 (AM524)

  • 30,000 Local Users
  • 40,000 Events
  • Up to 24 Readers (96 Clustered)
  • Supports 12 Door Units
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Door Unit (DU)

  • Supported by Access Manager 524
  • Compatible with all Standard Reader Types
  • Two Interfaces: RS485 or Wiegand
  • Multiple Door Modes
  • Relay Control for Up to 2 Doors
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Access Manager 300 (AM300)

  • Embedded Access Control Application
  • 1,000 Local Users
  • 10,000 Events
  • Up to 8 Readers
  • Supports 4 AD500 Door Units
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Door Unit 500 (AD500)

  • Supported by Access Manager 300
  • Compatible with all Standard Reader Types
  • Two Interfaces: RS485 or Wiegand
  • Relay Control for Up to 2 Doors (24 Doors with Optional OC8/IC8 Modules)
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Extension Modules (OC8/IC8)

  • Allows Reader to Selectively Open Specific Access Points
  • Eight Additional Inputs for Connection of Insulated Switches
  • Eight Additional Relay Outputs
  • Supports up to Three Input/Output Modules on Each Controller
    DIN Rail Mounting
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Alarm Interface Unit (AA200)

  • Works with Access Manager 524 System
  • Mounts on Door Unit
  • Arm/Disarm via Fingerprint Key
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Kaba BioGard Pro -A Complete Bank Access Control System

BioGard Pro

  • A keyless system for door and/or day gate access
  • Ties into cash recycler or safe
  • Authenticates users and captures user data
  • Biometric & pin authenticatation required
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Kaba Axial Software

AXIAL Software

  • .NET Application for Multi-site Management
  • Central Enrollment
  • Fingerprint Template Distribution
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I.AM Series

fingerprintkey (1)

Fingerprint Key (AR402)

  • Access Manager 524 or 300 System
  • Wiegand Third-party Access Control System
  • Optional iCLASS Card Reader
  • FIPS Certified Version Available
  • IP65-Listed Reader
  • Fingerprint Template Distribution
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Standalone Identity Access Management (AD102 Kit)

  • Non-networked Module
  • No PC Needed
  • One reader, Supports Up to 2 Entry Points
  • Stores 50 User Templates
  • RS485 Communication
  • IP65-listed Reader
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