E-Plex Enterprise Software with Wireless Option

Many of the Kaba E-Plex locks are stand-alone access control and do not require software, but the E-Plex line also offers several software management options that will make updating and managing your access control system efficient and effective.The E-Plex Enterprise Software with Wireless Option allows advanced management of the E-Plex Series locks with features such as access schedule, holiday and vacation blocks, visitor management and much more.  


E-Plex Enterprise Software offers advanced schedule and access management, along with emergency lockdown and auto passage operational modes.

E-Plex Enterprise Software is used with the E-Plex 5200/5600/5700 family of "standard" door locks and their equivalent Stand-Alone Access Controllers (SACs), and in E-Plex 3200/3600/3700 family of "narrow stile" locks. The E5200/3200 are single credential PIN access only locks. The E5700 and 3700 are 125 kHz PROX–based dual credential locks. The E5600/3600 are Smart card-based dual credential locks.



  • Easily manages up to 3,000 Users per lock unlimited users in the database
  • Maintains up to 30,000 Events in each lock including emergency mechanical override key usage for tracking purposes
  • 16 access schedules per lock; unlimited schedules in the database
  • 32 holidays/vacations per lock; unlimited holidays in the database
  • Guest/Visitor management with programmable expiry from one day to a year
  • Very flexible management of Service users who have PIN only access—Service users can have either one-time access only, or 1 through 96 hour expiry access, or access with no expiry
  • Can quickly assign a new user to multiple doors, or assign multiple users to one door with the use of Access Groups concept, thus saving enormous data entry at the PC by the operator
  • Can import and export thousands of user profile records (names, Smart card or PROX card IDs and/or PINs) from/to an external database source for managing large number of user profiles
  • Dual database feature allows users to have PROX card IDs and Smart card IDs, thus enabling end-users to manage both PROX locks and Smart card locks simultaneously
  • Each customer site’s computer database, as well as data in the locks and the handheld programming/auditing unit (M-Unit) are all fully protected with the site’s unique internal communications key, maintained by the software for utmost data integrity and security
  • Extensive Report generation, including Lock Audits, Operator Activity at PC, Access Groups, Access Schedules, Users by Door, and Doors by User, User ID cards, etc.

Architecture & Database:

  • Server/Client based, runs either in stand-alone mode on a single PC or in a networked environment on a server PC and multiple client PCs
  • Robust SQL-based database using encryption to protect and manage securely all E-Plex user lock-related system database

Access Credential: Single credential—PIN only, or single credential—card only, or Dual credential—PIN followed by card

E3600/5600 Smart Cards Supported: MIFARE and DESFire and HID (iCLASS) 13.56 MHz Smart cards per ISO 14443 A and B

E3700/5700 Prox Cards Supported: Any HID-compatible 125 kHz PROX RFID cards with Wiegand bit format ranging between the standard 26 bits and up to 84 bits

ID Card Enroller: pcProx (by RF Ideas Inc) PROX card reader/enroller or Smart card enroller required

Authority Levels:

  • Master: One global Master per entire system; 24/7 access to all locks with no schedule or ockout restrictions; can also program and audit locks
  • Manager: Schedule-based access—with no expiry; can also program and audit locks
  • Access User: Schedule-based access; can only access locks—with no expiry
  • Guest/Visitor: Schedule-based access; can only access locks—with maximum one year expiry
  • Service: 24/7 PIN only access—one-time access, or 1 through 96 hour expiry access, or no expiry access
  • M-Unit (Data Transfer): 24/7 data transfer capability (programming and/or auditing) of locks on site only; no entry access to any locks on site allowed

Operation Modes:

  • Manual Passage: Toggle passage mode on/off at lock keypad by the Master or the Manager(s)
  • Scheduled Access: Access granted per schedules and access privileges
  • First "Privileged User" In Passage: Lock enters passage mode after a "privileged" user or manager opens lock at, or after the start of scheduled access start time
  • Auto Passage: Lock enters passage mode automatically at the start of scheduled access start time
  • Lockout: Only the Master or the emergency mechanical key can override the lockout

Technical Data

PC Hardware: IBM compatible PC with Microsoft Windows

Database Backup Media (Optional): USB Memory drive, or CD Writer, or Network drive, etc.

Portable Maintenance Unit (M-Unit): Netbook or a mini laptop PC with Windows

Note: The PC M-Unit (Laptop or Netbook) requires Kaba’s E-Plex M-Unit Kit as an accessory; the kit contains a USB flash drive and an IrDA adaptor

Operating System: Microsoft Windows (not included)