TKO - Transponder Key Originator


The TKO is a professional programming tool that features integrated hardware, enhanced operating software and simple cable connections.

The increased restrictions with "on-board programming" procedures make the TKO your solution for providing replacement keys for newer automobiles.


  • Program transponder keys
  • Originate transponder keys
  • Delete lost or stolen keys
  • Read and reset vehicle immobilizer error codes
  • Determine number of keys programmed to the vehicle
  • Archive customer data
  • Program remote keyless entry (GM, Chrysler, Toyota)
  • Powered by connection to vehicle OBD, or by120VAC or 12VDC convertor (included).

Includes :

  • One OBDII Cable for all brands
  • Comprehensive internal database of vehicles
  • Expandable, updateable database
  • Internal CAN Router
  • "Help" function to locate vehicles OBDII port
  • Convenient carrying / storage case

Two ways to order :

TKO Complete
Complete; pre-loaded with all available through the previous year.

TKO Select
An economical solution that allows you to add software when you need it. Pre-loaded with popular software (based on national average).