Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility
Environmental Responsibility

Environmental responsibility is central to Kaba’s corporate strategy and Kaba Lodging is committed to promoting sustainability as the company continues to grow. Kaba is dedicated to protect the environment with its decisions and activities, it maintains compliance with national and international laws and regulations and competitive fairness which benefit us all.

Sustainable Manufacturing Processes

Kaba’s focus on sustainability begins with its manufacturing processes and on its assembly lines. Kaba is careful to recycle metals . PCB cutouts, wood, plastic pallets, cardboard and paper. Further, certified companies dispose of batteries, PCBs, computers, and equipment and styrofoam use is minimized in packing in favor of eggshell packaging.

Keycard Program

Kaba supports its clients’ "green initiatives" by providing hotel operators with keycards made from recycled materials that are recyclable. With Kaba’s keycard return program, more cards are reused by the property to reduce plastic waste and save the hotel money.

Energy Consumption Reduction

To help operators reduce energy management, Kaba partners with the greatest companies in the technology industry to provide hotels with a fully-integrated energy management solution based on guestroom requirements. Engineers at Kaba work side-by-side with these partners to offer hotel operators and guests the latest in technology.

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