In-Room Safes


Solid, Secure & Simple to use

In today’s wired world, people carry a wide array of expensive electronic devices, and they want a safe and secure place to store them when away from home. Kaba has the solution with a complete line of in-room safes that combine impeccable construction, unparalleled security, and extremely user friendly operation. Kaba safes are easy to use while offering secure storage for personal items. These safes are ideal for hotels, resorts, apartments, student housing and offices, amongst others.

Designed to Match any Interior Décor

A powder coat finish adds long-lasting durability, while the smooth, rounded corners blendwith any room décor. Keypad color options can be combined with different safe color options. For example, a black keypad can be combined with a silver safe, or vice versa. The standard configuration for Kaba safes is with an ivory keypad on an ivory safe. Additional color options are also available on a custom basis.

Features & Benefits

  • Programmable Personal Code Entry
  • Illuminated Keypad
  • Emergency Control Unit (ECU) - Handheld Programmer
  • Audit Trail – Single Option Available
  • Resident Master Code (Protected Master Code) and User Code
  • Code Blocking
  • Battery Override
  • One-Touch Battery Audit
  • Quick-Access Battery Panel

Available Safe Sizes

Oval keypad (no swipe)

Exterior Measurements


(H x W x D)



9" x 17" x 14"
229mm x 432mm x 330mm

37.5 lbs

(17 kg)


21¾" x 15" x 17"
553mm x 381mm x 4mm

36.1 lbs
(16.4 kg)


(wall safe)

16½" x 13¾" x 6½"
337mm x 311mm x 324mm

38.8 lbs
(18.1 kg)


8" x 19½" x 15½"
203mm x 495mm x 394mm

43 lbs
(19.5 kg)

(Drawer safe
MKO required)

5¾" x 20" x 14"
140mm x 508mm x 356mm

36.1 lbs
(16.4 kg)