790 RFID Series


The 790 RFID lock utilizes the latest in access control technology to provide hotel guests with a contactless room access experience. The RFID technology not only enables hotels to provide a 1st class guest experience but also significantly reduces operational overheads. RFID keycards mean no de-magnetization so hotels don’t suffer the cost and inconvenience of issuing replacements. The 790 Series locks are the perfect choice for hotels looking to take their operations & security systems to the next level.


  • Suitable for small to very large scale hotels
  • Easily replaces existing mechanical or electronic door locks
  • Access control for guest rooms, common areas, and back-of-the-house

Security Features

  • High security and tamperproof design
  • 1” solid deadbolt (optional auto deadbolt)
  • Emergency access: Emergency keycard, mechanical key and electronic override

Low Maintenance

  • Operates with a completely sealed contactless reader
  • Batteries last up to 3 years
  • Low battery indicator alerts staff
  • Lock programming and audit are not erased during battery replacement
  • Wear resistant construction and finish
  • Upgradeable lock firmware

Finish Options

Satin Chrome
Satin Chrome

Satin Brass
Satin Brass

Satin Chrome
Ultra Satin Chrome


Lever Options

Short lever option

Short Lever

Long lever

Long Lever

Elevon Lever

Elevon Lever

Gala Lever

Gala Lever