770 Series

770 Series

Designed for hotels seeking a stylish magstripe lock, the 770 offers the enhanced security features of the E-760 combined with a smooth, polished exterior. The 770 is a great retro-fit option for hotels seeking to upgrade both their security and interior aesthetics. Programming options allow for limited access to staff and guests in restricted areas or during specified times. The ergonomic design allows for seamless integration with the existing hotel décor while the optional supreme ocean front finish offers increased protection against the elements.


  • Suitable for small to very large scale hotels
  • Easily replaces existing mechanical or electronic door locks
  • Access control for guest rooms, common areas, and back-of-the-house

Security Features

  • High security and tamperproof design
  • 1” solid deadbolt (optional auto deadbolt)
  • Emergency access: Emergency keycard, mechanical key and electronic override

Low Maintenance

  • Insert reader slot is open so foreign objects are easily removed
  • Batteries last up to 3 years
  • Low battery indicator alerts staff
  • Lock programming and audit are not erased during battery replacement
  • Wear resistant construction and finish
  • Upgradeable lock firmware

Finish Options

Satin Chrome
Satin Chrome

Satin Brass
Satin Brass

Satin Chrome
Satin Chrome Supreme

Lever Options

Short lever option
Short lever

Long lever
Long lever